Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in life extension, psychometrics and intelligence augmentation, X risks, AI alignment, geopolitics, crypto, network states, DeSci, artificial wombs, and animal uplift.

As of 2024, this is my main blog and I am also active on X at @powerfultakes.

You can contact me there or via email.

Best Posts

My personal website hosts a comprehensive archive of my work from 2008-2023. Here are some of my best posts:

That website is intermittently updated with project updates, book reviewspodcastsresearch, predictions, travel writing, and sundry miscellanea that doesn’t belong to a newsletter.

Current Projects

Apart from blogging, I currently have three main projects:

(1) Sophia DAO ⏩: Opening up the human intelligence enhancement space to crypto investors and accelerating the Biosingularity.

(2) Nooceleration: Book extending Sophia DAO programmatic article The Biosingularity is Near to argue that human intelligence enhancement is preferable to dysgenics-driven Dark Age or the AI paperclips.

(3) Sublime Oblivion: Sci-fi novel (trilogy) in a universe where the Katechon Hypothesis turns out to be all too true.

Supporting My Work

The best way to support my blogging is to just buy a subscription to my Substack and/or my Twitter.

I also accept cryptos at the following addresses:

Although Substack does not currently support crypto, I will be happy to manually comp subscriptions in return for $BTC, $ETH, or stablecoin payments equivalent to the current $60 price of a yearly subscription. Just let me know in advance via email or Twitter, and send me the transaction ID. I also accept payments on the major ETH L2s such as Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon.

You can also send me fiat through Paypal.


I am the victim of a persistent campaign of smears, libel, and harassment from a former Neo-Nazi called Oliver D. Smith (ODS) at RationalWiki, as well as at lesser known wikis, blogs, and forum posts.

My standard response is to direct readers to my statement on this as well as the CancelWatch article about this individual.

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Biosingularity is preferable to paperclips or Idiocracy


I want to accelerate human intelligence enhancement.